Is a virtual office sufficient for company formation?

No, virtual offices are not sufficient for company formation in Cyprus and are not accepted. Using a virtual office can have serious legal and financial consequences, including the non-issuance of tax certificates and retroactive invalidation of the company structure by foreign authorities.

Can I set up my office in my apartment or house?

Yes, it is possible to set up an office in your apartment or house, provided it is a separate, lockable room. However, note that this excludes the option of vacation renting your property.

Why is a physical office in Cyprus important, especially for vacation rentals?

A physical office is essential for complying with legal requirements in Cyprus. For people who do not live permanently in Cyprus, a separate office enables vacation rentals of your residential property. This will generate significantly more income than the costs for the office, making it a financially advantageous approach.

What happens if I use a virtual office?

Using a virtual office can lead to serious legal issues. Authorities can invalidate the company structure, leading to retroactive tax demands and legal sanctions.

What are the advantages of a physical office over a virtual office, especially regarding address stability?

A physical office provides legal security and address stability. Since many people in Cyprus move every 1.5 years, a separate office avoids frequent address changes in the Cypriot commercial register and business documents. Changing addresses on platforms like Amazon can be problematic in e-commerce; a stable office location prevents these issues.

What are the requirements for a physical office in Cyprus?

A physical office in Cyprus must have a lockable room, a table, a chair, and a company sign on the door. These requirements are necessary to be recognized as a valid place of business by authorities both in Cyprus and abroad.

Can I choose my new home in Cyprus without traveling there?

Yes, our Residence Service allows you to select your apartment in Cyprus comfortably from home. We provide a detailed virtual viewing via WhatsApp.

Are the homes you offer furnished?

Yes, 95% of the homes we offer are fully furnished, so you can move in immediately upon arrival.

Do you also handle necessary bureaucratic procedures?

We take care of all necessary registrations for electricity, water, and internet for you, so that everything is ready for use upon your arrival in Cyprus.

Who is Holidayzer actually?

Holidayzer Europe GmbH is a German subsidiary of SHL Skynet Holdings Ltd. in Cyprus, to which the vacation rental was outsourced. Holidayzer specializes in providing comprehensive vacation rental services.

Do I have to take care of renting my property?

No, you don’t have to worry about anything. Holidayzer takes over the complete management of your vacation rental, from guest communication to property maintenance.

How are bookings for my property managed?

All bookings are managed through our efficient booking system. We ensure optimal placement of your property on leading platforms and take care of all the details.

Can I use my own property in Cyprus for personal stays?

Of course, you can use your property for personal stays. Just inform us about your planned stay times, and we will organize everything accordingly.

How do I financially benefit from renting my property?

With Holidayzer, you benefit from an efficient rental of your property that not only covers your costs but also potentially generates additional income. Our goal is to maximize the profitability of your property.

What documents are required for company formation in Cyprus?

For company formation, you need a copy of your identification document, a recent utility bill, a bank reference letter, and a brief resume.

How many company name suggestions should I submit?

You should submit at least three suggestions for the company name.

What does the full-service package for company formation include?

The package includes comprehensive services from legal and tax advice to assistance with opening bank accounts.

How long does the company formation process take in Cyprus?

Company formation typically takes about five to eight working days.

What happens immediately after my company is formed?

Immediately after formation, the application for your company’s tax and VAT numbers is processed.

Does your service offer support for opening bank accounts?

Yes, our service includes free support for opening business accounts.

What is a Pro Forma invoice and why is it needed?

A Pro Forma invoice is required for the VAT number application and is part of the documentation process.

How can I register my residency in Cyprus?

Residency registration follows the incorporation of your company and is supported by us.

Is an employment contract necessary for residency registration in Cyprus?

Yes, a valid employment contract between you and your company is required.

What is a ‘Letter of Employment’ and why is it needed?

It’s a confirmation that you are engaged in an insurable employment activity in your company.

What steps are necessary for applying for Non-Dom status in Cyprus?

After receiving the MEU1 form (Yellow-Slip), you can apply for Non-Dom status.

Can I expect support for annual tax filing in Cyprus?

Yes, our service includes the preparation of annual tax returns and communication with the tax authorities.

What does the Premium Service for company formation in Cyprus include?

Our Premium Service provides comprehensive support from the initial idea to the realization of your company formation, including legal expertise, local market knowledge, and a network of specialist agencies.

How can I realize my business vision in Cyprus?

We offer tailor-made solutions considering your individual needs, supported by our team of experts guiding you from the conceptual phase to successful establishment.

How is Non-Dom status ensured in Cyprus?

Our specialized service provides strategic planning and knowledge of Cypriot legislation to maximize tax benefits and acquire Non-Dom status.

How quickly can I receive an address for my company in Cyprus?

We provide immediate suitable business and residential addresses necessary for your company’s formation and fulfilling Non-Dom requirements.

How will I be connected with experts for company formation in Cyprus?

Upon your consent, we directly connect you with our specialists in real estate, office organization, and company formation via WhatsApp for time-efficient processing.

What benefits does expert consultation offer during company formation?

Our expertise ensures a secure and solid start for your company, supported by strategic advice and detailed knowledge of the Cypriot market.

What support does the reliable service offer?

As your partner, we support you at every step of company formation to ensure a smooth and successful process.

How are tailored solutions for company formation designed?

Our services are individually adapted to your business goals, providing solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

What does the full-service package for company formation include?

This package offers a seamless service from legal and tax advice to assistance with banking matters and providing required office addresses.

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