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Establish your company in Cyprus with a legal, physical office. Our Premium Office Service provides you with an immediate, law-compliant address, including utility bills and telephone connection. Additionally, we offer efficient mail management and expert administrative support to strengthen your business presence.

Get Your Business Ready Now with Our Office Service.

Elevate Your Business with Our Office Service

Elevate your image with a prestigious address through our Office Service. Efficient mail management keeps you connected. Expert administrative support frees your time for strategic growth. From legal procedures to admin tasks, we streamline setup, ensuring an efficient foundation. Drive your business confidently with our Office Service.

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Why Skynet Holdings?

Choose Skynet for a comprehensive range of business solutions in Cyprus. We offer everything from one source – from legal office solutions to extensive real estate services.

Tailored Solutions

Our services are flexible and can be adapted to your specific business needs. We offer individual solutions for your success.

Expert Advice

Utilize our profound expertise for legally secure business solutions in Cyprus. We offer strategic consulting to establish your company successfully.

Streamlined Process

We streamline your business processes by efficiently managing all documents and procedures, allowing you to focus on growth.

Reliable Support

Rely on our team for quick and competent support. We are your partner in every challenge in Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Office Service

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Office Service. Here, we explain the most important aspects and benefits of our services and provide insight into legal requirements and practical advantages of a physical office in Cyprus.

No, virtual offices are not sufficient for company formation in Cyprus and are not accepted. Using a virtual office can have serious legal and financial consequences, including the non-issuance of tax certificates and retroactive invalidation of the company structure by foreign authorities.

Yes, it is possible to set up an office in your apartment or house, provided it is a separate, lockable room. However, note that this excludes the option of vacation renting your property.

A physical office is essential for complying with legal requirements in Cyprus. For people who do not live permanently in Cyprus, a separate office enables vacation rentals of your residential property. This will generate significantly more income than the costs for the office, making it a financially advantageous approach.

Using a virtual office can lead to serious legal issues. Authorities can invalidate the company structure, leading to retroactive tax demands and legal sanctions.

A physical office provides legal security and address stability. Since many people in Cyprus move every 1.5 years, a separate office avoids frequent address changes in the Cypriot commercial register and business documents. Changing addresses on platforms like Amazon can be problematic in e-commerce; a stable office location prevents these issues.

A physical office in Cyprus must have a lockable room, a table, a chair, and a company sign on the door. These requirements are necessary to be recognized as a valid place of business by authorities both in Cyprus and abroad.

Need a personalized solution?

Tailoring solutions to match your unique needs is our specialty. Let’s craft a personalized approach that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Other services.

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Discover your ideal residential solution in Cyprus, perfect for vacation rentals during absences, with or without your physical presence. We handle the entire process of finding and preparing your residence, including all formalities (contracts, electricity, water & internet), conveniently managed from afar.

Vacation Rental

Achieve a cost-covering living situation in Cyprus through our vacation rental service during absences. Minimum 85% occupancy guaranteed! Specify your arrival days in advance, and we will handle everything from vacation rental management to guest communication, maintenance, and cleaning.

Company Formation

Together with our partners, we offer the best solutions for legally secure company formations in Cyprus, with or without Non-Dom status. Benefit from TÜV-monitored processes and multilingual expert advice to make your business vision a reality.

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